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100 years ago, two young men Hamada Shoji and Bernard Leach built the Leach Pottery in St. Ives, U.K. with aspirations. Even after these lifelong friends had passed away, people between Mashiko and St. Ives who love arts and crafts are still interacting. Through the activities of students and potters, the friendship of these two cities has grown stronger. We are going to hold “Mashiko x St. Ives 100 years festival” in this anniversary year of these regions. To celebrate this anniversary with many people together, we recognize again the interaction of our heart, the history and development of the pottery culture, and wish this opportunity will be a prosperous time for the next 100 years.

In 2020 we were preparing for the anniversary EVENTS, interaction of potters and students, exhibition in the museum, and so on. However, for the social circumstance, these EVENTS have postponed and will be held in 2021 which are downsized.

Committee of “Mashiko x St. Ives 100 years festival” Program
Chairman Hamada Tomoo





Stories of the connection between the people of the two towns over 100 years.







東北新幹線/JR宇都宮線または宇都宮線直通 湘南新宿ラインにて[小山駅]下車、水戸線にて[下館駅]下車、真岡鐵道茂木行きにて[益子駅]下車。

東北新幹線/JR宇都宮線または宇都宮線直通 湘南新宿ラインにて[宇都宮駅]下車、西口から益子行きの関東バスで約70分。[益子駅前]バス停で下車。



[By car]

Tohoku Expressway → Get off at Kita Kanto Expressway [Moka IC] and take R294 or R121 to Mashiko for 25 minutes.

Get off at Joban Expressway and get off at Kita Kanto Expressway [Sakuragawa Chikusei IC].

[When using a train]

Get off at Koyama Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen / JR Utsunomiya Line or Utsunomiya Line or Shonan Shinjuku Line, get off at Shimodate Station on the Mito Line, and get off at Mashiko Station on Moka Railway Motegi.

Take the Tohoku Shinkansen / JR Utsunomiya Line or Utsunomiya Line and get off at Shonan Shinjuku Line at [Utsunomiya Station]. About 70 minutes by Kanto Bus bound for Mashiko from the west exit. [Mashiko Station] Get off at the bus stop.

[When using express bus]

About 2 and a half hours from Akihabara by Ibaraki Kotsu [Kanto Yakimono Liner]. Get off at [Ceramic Messe Entrance] or [Mashiko Station].